Hours: Photography by the Clock

This may not be “street art” per say, but I am taking creative license and writing about it because it they are “artistic pictures of the street.” Plus, one of the editors is a street artist, so I’m allowing it.

In the latest craze of “bring back the physical written word,” people are looking for any excuse to print some type of zine. I tend to look past 99% of them and stick to online ventures (what can I say, I’m biased and maybe a pseudo-environmentalist). Albeit, a new zine recently grabbed my attention as fast as a guy in skinny jeans and Buddy Holly glasses would. Hours is a monthly zine that documents one person’s 24 hour use of a disposable camera. All of the pictures are unedited and printed as they come out. Below are images from the first issue:

The editors, Molly Rourke and Matthew Shearer, sent me this bit to expand upon the magazine’s mission:

One artist/photographer/creative thinker is chosen each month and have 24 hours to fill the camera they are given, and the photos are then turned into a publication.  The person chosen is done so at random (literally pulled out of a hat), with anyone able to submit, from anywhere, each month.

In an age where digital photography is king, and photos can be uploaded to Facebook instantly, Hours invites the camera holder to take a journey, to take a risk, to feel excited about seeing photographs again, and being unable to delete, to edit or discard any – to savor and consider each and every frame.  Even the photographer of each issue will not see their own photographs until the zine is launched.

The official launch party of the zine was last night in Cardiff, but contact the guys on their Tumblr and you can subscribe for 1 pound an issue.