Futura x 12ozProphet full video and new shirts

Futura has doneĀ a series of t-shirts with 12ozProphet. Kind of cool. I’m not usually a fan of straight up logo shirts, but Futura’s style trumps my usual reservations and the white t-shirt is just a straight photo of a Pointman sketch, which I think is cool. Check out some more full sets of images on 12oz. These shirts will be available very soon (about 2 and a half hours from now as of this post being published) on the 12oz website.

No word yet on the price UPDATE: Shirts are $32-36, but there is a giveaway that Hypebeast and 12ozProphet are running where you can win a free shirt. You can check out all the rules and prizes here. Seems a bit complicated to enter, but I imagine Futura fans will think it’s worth it for a t-shirt or even a photo print.

And here’s a great video interview that 12oz have done with Futura:

Futura x 12ozProphet Feature from ALSO KNOWN AS on Vimeo.

Who else is excited about that little comment at the end about The Twins? Sounds like Os Gemeos are involved here somehow too. Maybe some shirts of their own coming up with 12oz?

Photo courtesy of 12ozProphet