tasj vol ii – issue iv

tasj vol ii – issue iv is now out – thanks to everyone who picked up a copy at our opening last Saturday and/or has signed up to receive it in the mail for free – we recently got a ton of new subscribers. You can get a deeper sense of the contents of this issue on the tasj tumblr here, but just quickly, street art fans will find Elbow-Toe and Keith Haring in At The Auctions, Sixeart, Dan Witz, Krystian Truth Czaplicki and Boxi in Perspectives, a Conversation with Slinkachu (plus a pull-out poster of one of his recent pieces!), highlights from the collection of Wendy Asher (remember her scene in Exit Through The Giftshop?), which includes Banksy, Mark Jenkins, Shepard Fairey and JR, reviews of Untitled III: This Is Street Art and Barry McGee and Remi/Rough’s monographs in Bookshelf and Aakash Nihalani and Kill Pixie in Limited Edition. Unurth picks for this issue range from Over Under, Labrona, Roa, Vhils, Phillippe Baudelocque and Monsieur Qui to Ericailcane, Sr. X, Jote, Ludo, Liqen and Sten & Lex.

Most importantly for Vandalog readers, however, is the mention of the Faro x Vandalog collaboration t-shirt (also available: Gaia and Other) alongside Rime‘s Balaclava Dude tee in Toolkit!

Grab a copy to see the rest of the issue! If you don’t currently receive it in the mail and would like to, click here. You can also keep up with us on Facebook.

– Elisa