Katsu and Destroy/Rebuild ad takeovers

Katsu and Avone aka Destroy & Rebuild have a show on now at PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn. To promote the show, they took over a number of phone booth advertisements in NYC. In the past, I’ve been known to criticize street artists for putting of posters promoting gallery shows when they could be doing street art, but I’m not sure I can criticize Katsu and Destroy & Rebuild in the same way. There are a few reasons for that: They went over already existing advertising, they are graffiti writers and graffiti is already about advertising a name and the general vibe of the work seems to me to be more about getting up and graffiti than advertising. I look at these posters and see clever graffiti in an advertising setting. Nonetheless, if you think I’m being a hypocrite for liking these posters (and hey, maybe my respect for these guys is clouding my judgment), let me know.

Also, their show ends on January 10th, so there’s still a couple of  days left to see it.

Check out more posters after the jump…

Photos courtesy of Destroy & Rebuild