Lush: $ale!! On Street Art

Lush has a solo show on right now at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. When it comes to active graffiti writers, Lush is one of my favorites. I don’t write about him often here though because his work is so often explicit and NSFW, but with this show, there is just so much good stuff in one place that I couldn’t not post some photos. Lush is the jester of the street art and graffiti worlds. Check some images from the show after the jump, but just a warning that a number of them are NSFW and possibly offensive just for the sake of being offensive…

Okay, so he is a bit heavy on the Banksy criticism, but who is more recognizable and deserving of a bit of criticism?

And here’s one sketch that didn’t make it into a finished piece:

Check out more photos on Backwoods Gallery’s website. Also, the show runs through the 23rd, so there’s still a bit of time to see it in person.

Photos courtesy of Backwoods Gallery