New print from Swoon – raising money for homes in Haiti

Swoon has a new print out this week at Upperplayground to raise money for The Konbit Shelter Project, the project where Swoon and some friends are constructing homes and other buildings in Haiti. The crew was in Haiti earlier this year, and that’s where Swoon met Walki, the boy who is the subject of this print. The Walki print is an edition of 300, measures 13″ by 21″ and is available only until January 1st for $125. 100% of the proceeds from the print sales will go to The Konbit Shelter Project.

The crew will be on their way back to Haiti next week to start building single family homes and the funds raised from this print will be used to fund the costs of constructing those homes.

Walki is available on Upperplayground’s website from now until January 1st.

Here’s the interior of the community center that the crew (made up of local workers as well as Swoon and her friends who flew in to help) made over the summer: