iPhone/iPad/laptop cases from José Parlá

The awesome José Parlá has just made a series of cases with Incase through their Curated by Arkitip program. They look pretty good, but I’m curious to see how well-printed they are in person. With Parlá, I’ve always felt that the work needs to be seen in person to have the proper impact (and I know this is anti-art-blogs, but check this article for more on the topic of seeing things IRL). Still, the iPhone case is now on my Christmas list.

Admittedly, the pricing for the laptop and iPad products is pretty damn high, but I think that’s because they’re leather.

And for Parlá fans on a budget, there’s always the free iPad, laptop and iPhone desktop backgrounds from his artwork. Those are at the bottom of this page.

Here are some more images…

iPhone case
iPad jacket
Laptop sleeve
Inside of the laptop sleeve

Photos courtesy of Incase