Block Party at Carmichael Gallery with Boxi, Dan Witz and more


Next week is going to be a difficult one for art fans in LA. On the one hand, Roa has a solo show opening with Thinkspace (but not at their usual space, which would make things easy because Thinkspace and Carmichael Gallery are practically next door as I understand it). And on the other, Carmichael Gallery has Block Party, a solid group show opening on the same night. Both shows open next Saturday. But this is about Block Party.

Dan Witz

In addition to street artists Boxi and Dan Witz (you have no idea the joy I felt when I heard that my dad picked up a good Dan Witz painting recently), there are some other interesting artists in the show. Of particular note is probably Gregor Gaida, whose piece was one of my highlights of Moniker last month.

In addition to original works, Boxi will also be doing an installation in the gallery, so that may just tip the scales in the Carmichaels’ favor over Roa for me, but both shows should be something to see for sure.

Photos courtesy of Carmichael Gallery