Street/Studio 2.0

This Friday, the Irvine Contemporary will be presenting its second exhibition of multidisciplinary street art entitled Street/Studio 2.0 featuring Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Jose Parla, Chris Mendoza, David Ellis, James Marshall, Rostarr and myself. It is a compelling collection of figuration and abstraction all generated from, but not limited to, a studio practice that is informed by the streets. Detailed information after the jump.

Street/Studio 2.0
November 06 to December 18
Two Exhibition Venues: Irvine Contemporary and Montserrat House (2016 9th St. @ U)
At Irvine Contemporary (1412 14th St.)
Shepard Fairey      José Parlá        Swoon        Romon Yang (Rostarr)
At Montserrat House (2016 9th St. @ U)
David Ellis        Chris Mendoza          James Marshall (Dalek)         Gaia
Friday Nov. 5, 6:30PM: Discussion with the Artists: Phillips Collection [Info]
Saturday, Nov. 6, 6:00PM: Opening reception with the artists
11:00: Celebration at Eighteenth Street Lounge