Parallel: The Bus Shelters of Dennis Adams

Once and a while I am going to post art works, whether they be installations, video, or other ephemera, that exist in the public realm and have existed parallel to contemporary street art but have been categorized into other art movements. Since the dawn of modernity and urbanization, there has been a rich history of artists using the city as their medium and subject, from impressionism to fluxus. Yet interestingly, these street practices that have existed before contemporary Street Art do not have much of a presence on the internet and the dissemination of these works are still limited to access to institutions and exhibits.

I would like to take this opportunity to present the Bus Shelters of Dennis Adams. The installations here were erected between 1983 and 1988. The aluminum and  steel structures each featured a light box that presented the pedestrian with an image or text, the result being a didactic conflict with the routine of daily life. The pictures of political scenes becomes innocuous without context, like any floating image, and are a disparate discourse from the everyday. To gain more insight his various political projects check out this interview