More from set up at Moniker

Photo by unusualimage

As promised in Tuesday’s post, here’s more from the set up process at Moniker Art Fair. Unfortunately I had to stay home on Wednesday, but I was out taking photos on Tuesday and of course plenty of other people like Hooked Blog were out taking photos.

Eine's installation
Polly Morgan's installation
Herakut's installation
A piece by Swoon. Photo by Hooked
Before the galleries moved in...
Faith47 painting

Speaking of Faith47, check out her new mural in South Africa on Wooster Collective.

Steve Powers and Faith47 have finished their spots, 3 to go. Photo by nolionsinengland

And there are some Moniker videos to mention as well. The folks from Babelgum have been working non-stop doing editing at the fair. Here’s their time-lapse of Eine’s mural:

Calculate isn’t really for me and I’ve heard more than one person suggest that Eine should have repainted his Vandalism image which was on this same wall, but Eine fans seem to be liking this new piece as well.

S.Butterfly made this video interview with Steve Powers:

All in all, Moniker is shaping up to be everything that I and it seems everybody else have been hoping for. The fair opens on Thursday night from 7-9 and I’ll be running tours of the fair on Friday at 11:30 and 1:30, so I hope to see as many people there as possible.

Photos by RJ, unusualimage, nolionsinengland and Hooked