New Works from the Weekend Onwards

With the run-up to Frieze in London and everyone and their mother in town for events, there has been a bit of an explosion of art this week. So, I thought I would do a little round-up of pieces I have come across online since for the next few days all you will hear is “Oh my God! Hell’s Half Acre is Amazing!!” and “Moniker looks so cool!” Sometimes we need a break from that. Ok, well at least I do.

Motor in Leake Street by Steph Keller
Banksy Door at Old Vic Tunnels by Butterfly
Trustocorp for Reform School in NYC
Eine "Calculate" by VNA
Sando by Walls of Milano
Stik on Great Eastern Street by Spen H
Banksy "haring dog" by Romany W G

Oh come on, I had to post this one! It is one of my favorites of the new Banksy pieces. Plus, whoever made the Haring sculpture in response is awesome. It is a great addition unlike the graffiti next to it.