Walls from Infart Festival

Sqon-Cat. Photo by Jacopo Greggio

Yes, it’s true that I’ve been posting a lot about outdoor street art festivals over the past few days, but I’ve got just one more to write about (plus more news in the coming days about BLK River of course)… Infart in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. I don’t know much about this festival except that Bassano del Grappa is now covered in some beautiful new murals (many of them collaborations between a number of artists). Here are some of my favorites from Sqon-Cat, Bue, El Euro, Zosen, Kenor, Gola, Seacreative, James Kalinda, Useless, Centina and ReFreshInk.

El Euro. Photo by Jacopo Greggio
Bue, Zosen, Kenor, Gola. Photo by Bue
Bue and Resto. Photo by Bue
Seacreative and ReFreshInk. Photo by Jacopo Greggio
James Kalinda, Useless and Centina. Photo by Jacopo Greggio

Photos by Bue and Jacopo Greggio (Thug Life Studio)