10 new canvases from Herakut

High Horse

A couple of weeks ago, I briefly mentioned that Herakut have a show opening on September 18th (this Saturday) at LeBasse Projects in LA. Now, there’s a bit more to say about the show. Hope’s Reply will include 10 new paintings, and it sounds like they will all be on canvas. It’s also being said by LeBasse Projects that the canvases will be displayed in a more traditional gallery setting and without Herakut’s usual installations. Although I’m disappointed about the show not having an installation component, it will definitely be interesting to see how Herakut’s art is received in a white-walled gallery setting (of course they’ve been in galleries before, but there is usually some sort of installation or painting on the gallery walls or whatever). So many street artists have a hard time making that transition and maybe use installations and indoor murals as a crutch (though an interesting to look at crutch), but it seems like from all I’ve seen of Herakut that this transition shouldn’t be a problem.

Photo courtesy of LeBasse Projects