Unauthorized collaborations: Specter invades NY street art

Dammit. Once again, Specter is messing with people’s heads in an awesome way. For his latest pieces, which he’s calling “sidebusts,” Specter has “collaborated” with various street artists in New York by adding on to work that they had already put up. In the case of the above sidebust of a Swoon poster, the top half of the piece was falling apart and had been partially written over, but Specter brought it back to a state that looks almost like new (in fact, I know at least one other blogger who thought that the work was entirely by Swoon). So far, Specter has done similar work on street art by Skewville, Bast and Faile. Here’s his sidebust of a Bast poster (Specter added the flag and matched it perfectly to a portion of the wheatpaste which had already been torn off):

Check out more examples of these sidebusts at The Street Spot.

Photos by Luna Park