So many tags… Twist in NYC

UPDATE: TheArtCollectors was there when the wall was being painted, so they’ve got the full story of all the crazy things that went down.

Twist aka Barry Mcgee has just completed this crazy wall of tags at the Bowery and Houston spot in NY previously painted by Shepard Fairey, Os GĂȘmeos and Keith Haring. It’s looking pretty awesome right now, but McGee tried this back in San Diego and the wall had to be buffed after residents complained! This is a legal spot, but still, expect complaints.

If you look closely, you’ll see a huge variety of tags including classics like Twister, Iz the Wiz, Amaze (McGee’s longtime assistant) and Revok as well as shout outs to McGee’s friends (Todd) and other McGee pseudonyms (R. Fong, DFW).

Photos by sabeth718