Kid Acne’s Stabby Women fanzine

Kid Acne‘s “stabby women” have been found all around the world. Of course, I’m most familiar with them in London, but I’ve also found them in cities like New York and Barcelona. These women are some of the most interesting pieces of street art to come across. From the day they are pasted until they are completely rusted through, these seemingly simple characters inhabit space in such an interesting way.

Now, Kid Acne has made a fanzine devoted to his women. Like a true fanzine, this isn’t some overproduced art book, but a labor of love. In the zine, Kid Acne has documented some of his best stabby women from around the world. Maybe it’s just because I’m still decorating my college dorm, but, for me, the best part of the zine were the series of postcards that come with it (not that the zine isn’t fun too). I’ve stuck most of the postcards on my wall and I’m sure I’ll be mailing the rest. The stabby women fanzine and postcards are available online now for £15.

I think I’ll end this post with a quote from SheOne, found in the stabby women zine:

She called me over with a wink, head tilted, smiling, sword drawn, in a doorway in Brooklyn.

I leaned close, and through wispered detail unveiled her warrior status, paper crusader, leader of a beautiful army. Right there I was sleign.”

You can find the limited edition zine as well as some limited edition stabby women shirts at Kid Acne’s online store.