Supposed Banksy wall from Detriot for sale on eBay (not the one about trees)

You may have seen the above photo on Banksy‘s website. Just another one of his pieces from the recent US tour. Certainly not the best, not even the best piece he painted in Detroit. In fact, I’d say that that this caged bird is one of those pieces that nobody would care about if it weren’t by Banksy. But it is by Banksy, and it was left unprotected in the abandoned and falling apart Packard Plant. That’s the same location as his Trees piece, which was famously removed from the plant earlier this year. Now Caged Bird is for sale on eBay. Well, something looking like Caged Bird is for sale and the wall is missing from the Packard Plant, but that’s no guarantee that the wall on eBay is legit (as was shown back in April when a Banksy wall was removed in LA and a look-alike was on eBay).

So far, Caged Bird has had no bids, but the seller is asking for $75,000. So if you’re looking for an 1,800lb slab on concrete which may have a boring stencil by Banksy on it, now you know where to look. The auction ends in less than 3 days. Just remember that Banksy’s authentication service, Pest Control, doesn’t authenticate street pieces.

For more on this story, check out the Detroit Free Press. Just don’t believe their expert who says “The (canary) piece is like having one of his more substantial works that he’s done.” That’s BS.

Via Animal NY

Photo from Banksy’s website