Shooting things with TrustoCorp

Last month, I met up with TrustoCorp at their headquarters. While there, I got to see some of their customized Trusto products and of course some signs. The highlight of the visit was something unexpected though. Just as it started pouring rain, we went to the roof of TrustoCorp’s building and played a game of TrustoShootout. We didn’t have the fancy setup from their solo show, but we did have a pellet gun and some posters.

In the past, I’ve been critical of TrustoCorp working indoors. Their signs work so well because they show up unexpectedly and in the perfect environment and a show full of signs would be kind of boring, but I think this game might be exactly the sort of thing that TrustoCorp can do to liven up gallery shows and consequently make their signs more interesting indoors. Like their signs, it’s fun. Unlike the signs, they environment isn’t so essential. If anything, the perfect environment for shooting illustrations of “arrogant rappers” is at a gallery opening after a couple of beers!

Now if only they could design a “pretentious blogger” target…