News from The Konbit Shelter Project in Haiti

Once again, Swoon has been using her art to help those in need. Swoon and the rest of the team with The Konbit Shelter Project (including Ben Wolf and Tod Seelie) are busy working in Haiti right now. They are building super-adobe structures in the village of Barrier Jeudi in an effort to help rebuild after January’s devastating earthquake. These super-adobe buildings are extremely cost-effective, stronger than the standard homes in Haiti and are built with locally sourced materials. Their website will certainly explain the details better than my paraphrasing, so check that out.

Photographer Tod Seelie is there documenting the project and the crew’s time in Haiti. Here are some of his photos:

The best way to keep up to date with The Konbit Shelter Project is their blog, where Tod has been posting updates as the building process progresses.

And one way to support the project is to purchase this print by Swoon:

The print is a 2-color screenprint on fabric measuring 19×26 inches. It’s an edition of 60 and is available for $350. What does PBS give you for a $350 donation? A tote bag and an umbrella? I’d take this print any day of the week.

Photos by Tod Seelie, from his blog and his flickr