Nick Walker’s trip to New York City

I wasn’t the only one visiting New York last week. Bristol’s Nick Walker was in town with some stencils. So far as I know, all the images he put up are brand new.

Here’s my favorite piece from Nick’s trip, Nutterfly. But before you look at the photo, and see where it was painted, a bit of background. There was this mural, a fantastic mural, painted in New York a few years ago by Conor Harrington. Conor’s fans loved it, New Yorkers love it. Everyone was happy. And then NPA came along and covered the mural with an illegal billboard, which Jordan Seiler and Dickchicken removed. That all happened about a year ago. Then just last month, another advertiser actually paints over the mural with another illegal ad, destroying Conor’s piece. Soon after, somebody painted over that ad, destroying the advertisement’s message, but not bringing back Conor’s piece. So for about a month, there was this big black block over Conor’s mural. That’s where Nick painted his Nutterfly. I’ve written this whole explanation because I don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea and think that Nick painted over a perfectly good Conor Harrington mural. He didn’t. Anyway, here’s the piece:

The wall before Nick showed up

Photos by Nick Walker