The Rooftop Burner Fund auction has begun

As mentioned last month, Rowdy has recently lost nearly everything in a house fire and artists from around the world have come together to help him out. That help is coming in the form of The Rooftop Burner Fund, organized by Steal From Work. The Rooftop Burner Fund is an Ebay auction of work donated by dozens of artists to help out Rowdy. The auctions can be found here. Some of the artwork is already for sale, with the rest of the auctions starting between now and July 5th. For more about Rowdy, check out this recent interview he did with Arrested Motion.

Here’s some of the work that you can already bid on (and at this point it looks like there are some real deals to be had, in addition to helping Rowdy):

Steve Powers / ESPO
Gold Peg