Ericailcane’s Rovina – The start of POP UP!

Rovina (Italian for ‘ruin’), an installation from Ericailcane, has just opened at the POP UP! Festival in Ancona, Italy. Rovina takes place in an abandoned building, certainly reminiscent of Ericailcane’s work inside FAME Festival‘s abandoned monastery. In addition to painting the walls, this show also includes sculpture. For years, Ericailcane has been making beautiful stop-motion animations with sculptures and there were some simple ceramic pieces at FAME Festival last year, but I think this may be the first time that Ericailcane has put such complex sculptures into a show (but I’m not expert on Ericailcane, so I could be mistaken on this). As nice as the wallpaintings are, the sculptures are definitely my favorite part of this show. Just wish I could see it in person and walk around, it’s hard to get a real feel for the space from a few photos. Nonetheless, here are a few more photos:

This show is part of the 3rd edition of the POP UP! Festival. The festival has just opened with Rovina and will run through September 5th with a number of other events. There are three highlights: On July 30th, Blu will be previewing his latest animation; throughout August, a number of streets artists will be painting fishing boat hulls; on September 5th, the painted fishing boats will head back into the water. And it sounds like at least Blu will also be painting some a wall or two in Ancona.

Photo courtesy of the POP UP! Festival