Eltono collaborates with the public

Update: D’oh. Aaron posted about this months ago. I just got reminded of it in Eltono’s newsletter and thought “We didn’t post about that right? Why not? It’s cool.” Well, we did post about it. Sorry Aaron.

A few months ago, Eltono put together an experiment on the streets of Coruña, Spain. First, he painted geometric designs on sheets of plexiglass. Then he painted the entire other side of the glass white. He placed these sheets in three spots around town and waited. Here are the results:

Everyday passersby began to draw on the plexiglass or scratch away at the paint… Eventually Eltono’s designs on the other side of the glass began to show through.

After 5 days, Eltono removed the pieces and brought them back to a gallery for the MUAU:

You can see more about the project on Eltono’s website.

Photos courtesy of Eltono