Polo Jeans Art Stars project

Okay, you’re thinking: What’s this about Ralph Lauren? Why does some mainstream fashion brand have their logo prominently displayed in a post on Vandalog? Well, turns out, Ralph Lauren/Polo Jeans Co. likes art, and they like street art. Art Stars is a project with 51 artists who have painted or sculpted their artwork onto a 3D star-shaped canvas made of denim. Some of the artists include James Jessop, Herakut, Case, Daniel Tagno, Delta,  Bom K, Roa, Matt Small, L’Atlas and Alexone.


So here’s the Art Star press release:

Polo Jeans Co. is proud to present ART STARS, a showcase of work from 51 of Europe’s most recognized up and coming contemporary artists. Inspired by the iconic American Star Spangled Banner and synonymous with the Polo Jeans Co. brand, the artists will create 3D pieces on stars made from the finest American denim. These will be displayed in select Polo Jeans Co. stores in key cities across Europe before coming together in a public exhibition in London in late 2010.

Representing Polo Jeans Co.’s core branding values, each young artist will be challenged to customize a canvas into a three dimensional star using an assortment of unique materials in combination with their practice to create their designs, including a variation of denim, replicas of the American flag, dyes, collage, bleach and embroidery. Beyond the shapes and sizes of the ART STARS, artists are only limited by their own imaginations in transforming the star and denim into a work of art that symbolizes their vision inspired by Polo.

Contemporary art and fashion aficionados will have the opportunity to own one of these exclusive Art Stars. All the stars created will be brought together in a public exhibition in London in late 2010 and auctioned in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of young people with cancer between the ages of 13-24.  Teenagers don’t stop being teenagers because they have cancer, which is why Teenage Cancer Trust builds specialist units in NHS hospitals, staffed by teenage cancer specialists. These units are designed for and by young people and aim to give teenage cancer patients the very best chance of a positive outcome whilst being as close as possible to normal life. State-of-the-art facilities keep patients occupied during long, and often grueling stays, whilst bringing teenagers with cancer together so they can support each other. Visit www.teenagecancertrust.org to find out more.

Stefan Strumbel

Photos courtesy of Ralph Lauren