Pedro Matos at Montana Shop Lisbon

Pedro Matos has a solo show opening on June 4th at the Montana Shop and Gallery in Lisbon. Should be interesting. Pedro’s piece for Art Stars really impressed me, so I can’t wait to see what he’s painted for this show.

Pedro Matos' Art Star

The press release:

Montana Shop&Gallery Lisboa is proud to present Reality Show, a solo exhibition of new works by the Portuguese young artist Pedro Matos. The exhibition will feature a new series of oil, acrylic and aerosol paintings on canvas, as well as two site-specific gallery installations thought to make the connection between Pedro’s work both on the street and gallery.

Pedro has been developing a body of work focusing on his concerns about people and their values, about society and the human condition. Although aesthetically influenced by a mix of the old masters, the religious subject matter have been replaced by the portrayal of those who are downtrodden, unnoticed, unappreciated and forgotten. His work also shows a post-graffiti sense of beauty found in the decaying and abandoned surfaces and places. This same sense of beauty and aesthetics is also found in the subjects that Pedro chooses to portray.

Pedro started painting at the age of 16 (2006) completely self-thaught and began by showing his work in small local venues. Simultaneously, Pedro pasted up original charcoal drawings, first in the streets of Lisbon and then around Europe.