Rooftop Burner Fund

As you may have heard, Rowdy’s home burned down recently. Luckily, he was not hurt (I don’t think anyone else was either), but everything inside the house has been destroyed. Rowdy is a member of Burning Candy, a hard working artist, a friend that I’ve worked with on multiple projects in the last year and an awesome person. Rowdy’s reputation is known throughout Europe, so when his friends heard that his home and possessions had been completely destroyed, people came together to do something. That something is Steal From Work’s Rooftop Burner Fund. Steal From Work have brought artwork together from an international array of artists for a benefit auction to help out Rowdy. Here’s the press release:

So, there are plenty of charity events, plenty of causes worth fighting for, whole countries at war…. But sometimes it’s just about helping your friends, helping those you love. And here we’re taking the opportunity to help one of our best friends.

If you don’t know, here’s the introduction. Rowdy is one of the longest standing players in UK graffiti, supporting the scene and playing his part in what has now turned into a global phenomenon. He has painted with the best of them, in fact is one of the best of them, always sticking true to his vision, rocking his own style, never selling out his ideas. Recently he walked out of his house, which also served as his studio and when he returned a half hour later, everything had been burned to the ground. EVERYTHING! ID, money, clothes, personal possessions, art, the ability to make art, everything gone!

So, we’re taking this as an opportunity to support someone who has so readily supported us as a scene by auctioning some art to help him get back to a position where he can do what he does best, making art.

It’s a testament to his popularity and reputation that so many artists have donated work to this auction. All work has been personally donated by the artists and the galleries that represent them: Banksy, Paul Insect, Swoon, Sickboy, Hush, Espo, the whole Burning Candy crew and a whole bunch more… So, it’s your chance to buy something beautiful and at the same time help out someone who has helped in his way to make graffiti and street art what it is today.


A massive thanks to the following artists who have donated work:
Gold Peg
Guy Denning
LL Brainwashed
Mighty Monkey
Mr Jago
Paul Insect
Rene Gagnon
Sweet Toof
Tom Hine

Plus more still to be announced

And also huge thanks to the following galleries for donating:
Black Rat Projects
Pictures On Walls

The Auction will be via e-bay at:

It will commence Thursday 17th June, and we will stagger the items over the next few days so they don’t all end together. The first items will end Sunday 27th June.

Other than Paypal fees & postage costs EVERY singe penny raised will go to Rowdy.

We will only be accepting bids via e-bay.