Banksy artworks stolen from Art Republic and Kate Moss

Photo by -paul

Neither of these are the biggest art heist of the week, but it’s been reported that thousands of pounds worth of Banksy artwork has been stolen in two separate thefts over the past few week.

First, the BBC reports that on May 1st, two thieves made off with £16,000 worth of Banksy prints from London’s Art Republic store. One was a Happy Choppers (number 118) print and the other was a Nola Grey (number 15). One of the thieves smashed through the gallery window with a street sign to get inside. So be on the lookout for those numbers if you’re trying to buy either of those Banksy prints in the future.

And then this second report is maybe a bit less reliable. It comes from the Daily Mirror which recently claimed that Banksy was painting a mural in Kate Moss’ home for £150,000 and that Moss was only getting the mural painted so that she could increase the value of her house, a claim which sounds pretty absurd. Now the Daily Mirror says that a thief broke into Moss’ house on Thursday night and stole three artworks, including a Banksy worth £80,000. I wonder what the painting looked like… A Kate Moss portrait perhaps?