MOMO’s public art in private spaces

MOMO‘s latest project, Public Art in Private Spaces, looks awesome. MOMO is one of those artists that I like some times and other times I’m completely indifferent too. But he’s also one of the artists most-loved by the people whose tastes I trust. So I’m probably wrong about sometimes being indifferent to MOMO. It’s entirely possible that he’s a genius and I just don’t always see it. This project is one of my favorite this that he’s done though. MOMO went to Key West and painted murals inside people’s homes for free.

MOMO describes Public Art in Private Spaces like this:

An experiment to take “Public Art” deeper; right into peoples homes and intimate spaces.

I was curious to try creating artwork for a sampling of “the public” for free and with no obligations, like I’d do in the street, but more directly.  I really don’t know the public I’m working for when I make things anonymously, and often the idea of public becomes mythic and hazy.  This seemed like a way to learn what different people thought of my work, and to experience some pressure from the close contact.

Urban/Street/Outdoor/Public Art not urban street or outdoors, just very public.

And he made this video documenting the project (so far):

Public Art in Private Spaces from MOMO on Vimeo.

Photo from MOMO