Babel Code: AVOID pi & Infinity

This should be an interesting show. Mighty Tanaka presents Babel Code: Osmotic Transmissions, a two-man show with AVOID pi and infinity. Babel Code opens May 21st.


As Brooklyn Street Art notes, AVOID and infinity are two smart guys. For me, a lot of the art AVOID pi and infinity make for galleries seems like it could, at first glance, be something drawn in a bored high school student’s notebooks during class, but the end result is much more considered and meaningful. It’s always seemed to me that there is much more going on in their artwork than what I can figure out, and that is part of while I enjoy it so much (kind of like this guy, but he’s even more out there).

The press release:

Thought provoking Street Artists AVOID pi & infinity team up for their first duo show together entitled Babel Code.  Peering through a semiotic Petri dish intermixed with sub-conscious communication, Babel Code uses primitive and mystical sources as well as runic references, which charges the works of art with a power and energy beyond the objects themselves.

Babel Code challenges the viewer to reconsider the basic notions of communication and cultural mutation, while providing a closer look into the artist’s own techniques of non-verbal interactions. Building upon a symbolic language shared by both artists, their influences range from a resonance of mixed signals and errant transmissions.

Their symbolism ranges from introverted Platonic deliberation and chemical structures to numerology and DNA; anything and everything from hobo marks and astronomy to grammar diagrams and physics equations.

Here’s some of the artwork for the show:


And here’s a collaborative piece with both infinity and AVOID pi:

And lastly, AVOID pi has made this video teaser: