Shepard, Banksy and Shepard

As I write this, the first images are starting to appear on Twitter from Shepard Fairey’s May Day show at Deitch. That’s not what this post is about though. More on May Day tomorrow. This is more about two random bits of news that Shepard is involved with.

Animal NY is reporting that Shepard Fairey’s mural at Bowery and Houston might actually be illegal. That would definitely be unexpected, since this is the same wall that Deitch has used three times in the last few years (but this is the first time that they have built a structure onto the wall). I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this was another prank though. This mural has been taking some abuse.

And if you read the latest issue of Time Magazine, you may notice that Shepard has written one of the profiles in their annual Time100 list of 100 influential people. Which profile has Shepard written? Banksy’s. That’s right. Banksy is one of Time’s 100 most influential people this year. You can read what Shepard has to say on Time’s website.