Sten & Lex “Stencil Poster” exhibition

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Sten calls them “bilingual atypical stencils” – where the stencil is used just once and  incorporated into the work itself. They claim it’s a new concept which “completely challenges the repeatable nature of stencil art”. Whether or not this is actually the case, the show at Galerie Itinerrance, Paris, looks impressive. It runs until May 23rd.

Sten & Lex "Poster Stencil"

Sten & Lex "Poster Stencil"

The video shows Sten (tediously) producing one of the stencil posters.

STEN LEX stencil poster from STEN on Vimeo.

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  • Viktor O

    Thanks for reporting this. Really great pieces in that show!

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