Lots of interest at Phillips de Pury

Phillips de Pury’s May 13th and May 14th Contemporary Art auctions have a number of interesting paintings up for grabs, but here’s a few of the pieces that are more relevant to Vandalog.

  • Lot 116. Rubber by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Estimated at $1,500,000-2,500,000.

  • Lot 145. Untitled by Banksy. Estimated $150,00-250,000.
    I’d love to hear what somebody who can see this in person things of this lot. Seems like an expensive estimate, but it’s a big painting (188 x 180 cm). And it’s from 2003, which for me is one of Banksy’s best years. Can Banksy have a best year? That sounds really weird doesn’t it? But it’s something I seem to have noticed.
  • Lot 433. Pyramid (yellow on blue) by Keith Haring. Estimated $30,000-40,000.

  • Lot 434. Pyramid (blue on yellow) by Keith Haring. Estimated $30,000-40,000.
    I love this piece. Not so much the yellow on blue pyramid with a similar design (lot 433). But this one, I love.

  • Lot 436. Untitled by Barry McGee. Estimated $8,000-12,000.
    Not really for me, but perfect for the true McGee fans out there.
  • Lot 437. Charlie Chaplin Pink by Mr. Brainwash. Estimated $50,000-70,000.
    Imagine a Nick Walker mood board, but made by Mr. Brainwash (no offense intended Nick). Ugliness overload. And not only that. It looks so boring. Doesn’t challenge or interest me in the least. But I hate almost everything that MBW signs, so I’m obviously not the best person to comment on this painting.

Some of the most interesting work in these auction for me actually isn’t the work by street artists. There’s a lot great art by artists like Chris Johanson, so it’s worth flipping through the full catalog if you’re curious.