My Addiction Gallery in Tucson, AZ

I’m sure I’ve said before how much I like it when people bring good street art to cities that don’t normally get to see much street art. Well My Addiction Gallery is a new gallery in Tucson, Arizona and they are going to specialize in urban art. I’ve been emailing with the owner of My Addiction Gallery for a while now, so it’s exciting to see the gallery develop from a vague idea into an actual physical space and an event. My Addiction Gallery’s first show, God Save The Streets: US vs. UK, opens on Saturday.

My Addiction Gallery’s inaugural exhibition, “God Save the Streets,” offers several examples of street and urban contemporary art from England and the United States, two countries that have played key roles in the development of this style. Prints and originals by artists of both nations pose some intriguing questions about the ways in which people from different countries communicate the importance of their individual cultures. This exhibition aims to familiarize viewers with the diverse artistic and contextual styles of British and American culture as well as how they critique one another through the use of relevant social and political content. The exploration of these topics aptly calls attention to the relationship between American and British street and urban contemporary art, both visually and culturally, and the signifiers of cultural identity found in these works are certainly not to be missed.

My Addiction Gallery
439 N Sixth Ave Suite 159
Tucson AZ 85705