Three new Banksy pieces in SF (maybe)

Photo by Troy Holden

I think it’s fair to say that these three pieces that have just appeared in San Fransisco over the last few days are all by Banksy. Nothing confirmed yet on his website though. Two (the piece pictured above and the rat below) are above street level, and one is at street level. I think This’ll Look Nice When Its Framed is a great one. It continues Banksy’s commentary on the commercialization of his own artwork through canvases, screenprints and a film and it ties in nicely with the artwork that was removed from a street in LA last week. And the giant rat is just classic Banksy. Not so keen on this Peace + Love thing though.

Photo by dennis

Can anyone enlighten me on what’s being said here:

Photo by Troy Holden

Maybe it’s referencing the song “Peace, Love and Understanding” and nothing’s really funny about it? Surely I’m missing something. After all, I thought Banksy’s Jeff Koons’ dog in LA wasn’t anything special until Tim McCool came along.

Photos by Troy Holden and dennis