Some Banksy news

There’s a few developments in the story of Banksy’s Jeff Koons dog stencil that was stolen in LA, so I thought I’d just throw it all together and link to the best reports of what’s going on.

  • The artwork that was on eBay which the seller implied was Banksy’s Jeff Koons piece (but cleverly he only implied that) has been removed from the website. Last I checked, the highest bid was $5,100, but the piece was almost definitely a fake, and now I’d say that the removal of the listing is enough to convince me it was fake.
  • Animal NY spoke with Doug Christmas, who removed the artwork from a building in LA that he has some connection to (sounds like he owns it). Christmas, a very shady art dealer, claims that the piece is not for sale now and never will be. Sure.
  • The Citrus Report has a fantastic post about how to look at this whole story in a very clever way.