Elfo’s performance art

At at recent group show in Italy, street artist Elfo decided to try something a bit different. Plenty of artists (particularly anonymous street artists) avoid their own gallery openings. And the ones who don’t will probably tell you that the openings aren’t that fun. They are stressful and tiring. All that talking to everybody who thinks about buying a painting, chatting with people you met once 3 years ago and can’t remember anything about, making sure all your friends get in and get free beer… It’s a lot of work. Well Elfo showed up to this opening, but he didn’t have to worry about any of those things. Here’s what he did:

Seems to me he stayed that way for most of the evening. And yes, that’s really Elfo. What do you think? Certainly it’s something different for a street artist. Here’s a video of the whole piece in action:

Packed Food for Vulture$ from francesco carlo on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy of Elfo streetart