Preview of BRP’s “Now’s the Time”

Black Rat Press have just sent me a few images as a preview to their upcoming group show Now’s The Time. The line-up is pretty sick. Black Rat have really found some fantastic paintings from some of the world’s top street artists (past and present) including Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, Keith Haring, Swoon, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Os Gêmeos. The show opens Thursday April 22nd, and I expect the gallery is going to be packed. Here’s what I can reveal so far:

Shepard Fairey

That’s got to be the best Angela Davis (edit: okay apparently this isn’t of Angela Davis, but it still looks amazing) I’ve seen from Shepard Fairey.


Swoon keeps getting better and better and better. Definitely my favorite living artist.

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Jean-Michel Basquiat

While it’s only a drawing, how often do you get a see a Basquiat in person? This is something special for sure.