New Banksy artwork in LA

Photo by Ben Phen

Twitterer Ben Phen was the first to photograph this potential new Banksy in Los Angeles. It’s located at La Brea & 4th. So far, I haven’t seen anything saying that the artwork has been either covered in perspex or tagged over.

It might not be his funniest stencil to date, but the piece looks like a Banksy, and with Exit Through The Gift Shop premiering in LA this week, it’s a safe bet that Banksy is trying to promote the film with some outdoor activities. Hopefully this is the first of a few new pieces we’ll see from him in LA or across the states as his film is shown around the country.

What I’m most curious about though is not if Banksy is in LA, but if Mr. Brainwash is. And will Mr. Brainwash attend any screenings of Exit Through The Gift Shop? Thoughts?