New print from Rene Gagnon

The latest print from Rene Gagnon is an interesting one. That image might look familiar. You might know it from this piece by Banksy that appeared in Utah earlier this year. But of course, Gagnon was the first to use the image all the way back in 2008. The original photo that the stencils were based on can be found by a simple Google search, so maybe it’s coincidence, but I’d say probably not. I’d like to think that this whole series of events is a little nod to Rene by Banksy after Banksy essentially created Mr. Brainwash, the artist who subsequently ripped off Rene’s best known image: Campbell’s graffiti soup cans. And now, Rene can bring back his praying boy image and make a few bucks off of it. Good God the art world is complicated sometimes.

By the way, Rene’s print costs just $125 and is an edition of 50. Imagine how much prints would go for if Banksy turned his version into a print.

Via Feed Your Wall