Interviews with Jonathan LeVine and Justin Giarla

There have been two very interesting interviews with gallery owners to go online in the last week.

First, Juxtapoz post a three-part profile/interview with Jonathan LeVine (of Jonathan LeVine Gallery). Here’s part one, and links to parts two and three are at the bottom of each post in the series. Before reading these, I knew that LeVine had been in the art game for a while and had to taste, but the Juxtapoz profile explains exactly how that all came together, which is pretty interesting.

And on Wednesday, The Shooting Gallery blog posted a Q&A with gallery owner Justin Giarla. Okay, yeah, that’s going to be a bit of a puff piece, but so is just about every art or music-related interview ever. With three galleries now, Justin has his own little empire in San Fransisco, but somehow he still manages to sell great art and be cool guy.