Banksy and Time Out London

Next week’s issue of Time Out London will feature a cover designed by Banksy. The full cover image hasn’t been released yet, but the above teaser is interesting. Time Out says “This photo shoot, a mixture of self-portraiture and his trademark use of spraypaint, is unlike anything he’s ever done for a magazine before and may never be repeated.”

In addition to the cover, Time Out has an interview with Banksy.

Because this issue is sure to be popular with art fans, Time Out are also selling a version of the magazine without the Time Out logo on it and that includes a 68 x 51 cm poster of the cover art for £12.99. That’s for sale at their online shop.

Yes, I realize that I sound like a press release, but I figure this is pretty cool if you’re not worried about Banksy becoming too mainstream. And if you are worried about that, read the Hank Willis Thomas interview in the latest issue of Juxtapoz.