(more) Kaws in Madrid

Yesterday Kaws posted some pictures on his blog of his artwork being unpacked for his solo show in Madrid. And now Guillotine has some proper photos from the opening as well as pictures of Kaws’ piece at the ARCO Madrid art fair.

Here’s the solo show:

Kaws was signing lots for fans

And I’m serious. That’s pretty much the show. It looks like there were three canvases and a small chum sculpture. But hey, they’re huge and cool if you like Kaws (I love the red one), so maybe that’s okay.

And here’s his piece at ARCO:

The pieces in his solo show are interesting, but to me, this one is just Kaws’ attempt at being Barry McGee: A cluster of canvases that combine simple geometric shapes with trademark characters. Though to be fair, the far right section with half of Spongebob’s face looks awesome.

Lots more pictures on Guillotine (here for the solo show and here for ARCO), which is where these pictures are all from.