Artists continue to raise awareness for Haiti

The artistic community is continuing to raise money and awareness for the recent earthquakes in Haiti.

ABOVE’s has put up his latest stencil in Cuba. The piece is meant to raise awareness for the continuing struggles of people in Haiti who have been victims of the recent earthquakes.

ABOVE says:

Cuba is less than 90 miles away from Haiti making them very close neighbors. The young and courageous neighbor is embarking to Haiti to help out those who have fallen victim. The recent earthquakes in Haiti has taken over 230,000 innocent lives, wounded 300,000 and made 1,200,000 people homeless.

Please GET INVOLVED and help donate to send aid and resources to the people of Haiti.

Here’s a video of that new painting…


And Agents of Change have put together Au Secour, a group show in London to raise money for Haiti (all the money goes straight to the DEC):