Swoon at Philagrafika 2010

It’s so nice to read things like this story and realize that I shouldn’t be so worried about being starved for culture when I move to Philadelphia this fall. Philagrafika 2010 is an art exhibition about printmaking and the first incarnation of what may become a tri-annual event in Philadelpiha. Artnet has a great article about the whole event which is well worth reading. In short, if you like printmaking, Philagrafika seems to be the place to be.

One of my favorite artists (street or otherwise) is Swoon, and of course, she is all about printmaking, so it’s great to see that she has gotten involved in Philagrafika with some new work on the streets of Philadelphia. Becki Fuller was in Philadelphia to take some photos of Swoon’s pieces. Here’s a few of those:

This piece has something a bit new in it, the architectural component is something reminiscent of her raft projects:

And I’ve never seen this print before, so it’s either really new or really old:

And there are plenty more photos on The Street Spot.

All photos by Becki Fuller