The London Police Ride Again

The London Police are headed to Kentucky. Next month they’ve got a solo show at The BLDG, a gallery that makes some of my favorite screen prints.

The London Police
“The London Police Ride Again”
Opening Reception: Friday March 19, 2010 8-11 PM
Exhibition Dates: March 19, 2010 – April 30, 2010

The BLDG Gallery is pleased to announce the opening exhibition of British art collective The London Police (TLP), March 19, 7 pm to 10 pm at 30 West Pike Street Covington, Kentucky. This show is the first of four international exhibitions planned by TLP for 2010 and will present new original works of Cincinnati and Kentucky themed paintings and videography.

Born in Chelmsford, Essex, The London Police founders, Chaz and Bob, moved to Amsterdam in 1998. Recognized for their iconic LADS characters and precision marking, TLP is universally renowned as “pivotal voices in the history of street art.” Their acclaimed works include: murals of titanic proportion, (The largest can be found in Kreuzberg, Berlin a mere 6 story outdoor installation.) coveted original canvases, short films and even shorter music quips of high regard.

TLP generates an ever growing network of loyal fans spanning Europe, Asia, North America and South America. TLP works have graced the walls of the Stolenspace Gallery, London, GO Gallery in Amsterdam, Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art in LA, Fresh Factory in NYC gaining resounding praise and selling out most of their original works. The artists were recently spotted in Miami, South Beach, executing an install in conjunction with the Primary Flight Collaborative.

I’ve had the chance to see a lot of TLP’s art recently, as I was in Miami for Primary Flight (see this video of TLP and Galo) and New York City for their show at Factory Fresh. The more I see, the more I like. The work is friendly, extremely well-executed and usually has clever references to whatever city they are exhibiting in.