Character Assassination show by David Choe at FIFTY24SF

This should be a really great show, I wish I was in town for it.

FIFTY24SF Gallery Presents “Character Assassination”
New Works by David Choe

One of the most diverse and prolific artists working today, David Choe combines American and Asian pop culture, graphic novels, and cityscapes to produce some of the most dynamic work and explosive work of his generation.

His often lewd expressions of the female form are honest appreciations of the male/female sexual interaction. Erratic brushwork and wild compositions convey a superficial sense of anarchy while the delicate and exotic portraits betray chaos, revealing a passionate love of women. In Choe’s work, discordance and serenity exist in impossible harmony. His paintings are testament to the fact that the gritty and the offensive are often necessary constituents of raw beauty.

David’s disinterest in social approval allows him to exist in a realm of indulgence. Whether painting murals, canvases, or quick street pieces, the raw honesty element drives deep into the psyche of the viewer.  A subliminal stirring of still waters, his paintings are engaging in a way that cannot always be justified as simply, aesthetically pleasing.

A seasoned globetrotter, David Choe’s murals cover walls from his native Los Angeles to Vietnam. His fine art has seen exhibitions in London, Beijing, Los Angeles, New York, and San Franciso. His intricate brush strokes and characters have made their way into commercial projects as well, working with Marvel Comics, Levis, and Nike. His art, photos, and writing have been featured in Giant Robot, Hustler, Juxtapoz, and Vice magazines. He also self-published three comic/journals: Bruised Fruit, Cursiv and Slow Jams. Most recently, he was featured in the documentary about his work “Dirty Hands.”

“Character Assassination” features new works on display at FIFTY24SF Gallery February 5 – March 24, 2010.  The opening reception will be on Friday, February 5th from 7:00PM – 9:30PM.