Want a Steve Powers/ESPO tattoo?

Steve Powers says:


Celebrating the release of “A Love Letter For You Brick Valentines On The Philly Skyline” book by Free News Projects, we’re doing a series of events in Philadelphia. The one I’ll tell you about here is I am taking over the Northern Liberties Tattoo shop for a week (more or less depending on demand), and the only artwork that will be on offer will be all Steve Powers, all week long. All your favorite icons, punchlines, poignant reminders of the futility of life, hilarious illustrations of our inadequacies, True depictions of true love from the Love Letter project, and of course, PIGEONS. Its all here, it’s cheap, its permanent. No, I’m not tattooing, no skills. I will, however, sign your arm and let one of the skilled pros on staff at Todd’s shop re-ink it, fair enough? Sometime during the week, we’ll be having a book signing at Exit Philadelphia Skateshop next door, watch the project blog www.aloveletterforyou.com for time and date. THANKS

Best Regards