We currently have a group show of all Chilean artists on the walls here at Carmichael Gallery, which was curated by Pablo Aravena. I particularly like Inti’s work (that image above is part of a big mural he painted with Cekis) so I thought I’d share some photos of past projects.

Malmo, Sweden

Almagro, Spain (collab with Lag1)

Ronneby, Sweden

I really like these unusual, ghostly characters he paints – there’s something strangely captivating about the absence of regular facial features that creates an interesting expressive quality – but I think I like his more abstract style even more. Versatility is always a good thing to see in an artist. The images below are from a show in Vina del Mar, where Inti was born.

To see more of Inti’s work, visit his flickr. (Or stop by the gallery if you’re in LA)

– Elisa