Something I learned during The Thousands

A little diary entry sort of thing from me went online today on Drago’s website. Of course, I encourage you to have a read of the full thing yourself, but here’s a sample:

I went to Miami for Art Basel and the satellite events there. The experience has made me realize how mainstream some street art and graffiti has become. Primary Flight and Deitch’s Wynwood Walls projects introduced the city of Miami and the art tourists to over 100 talented artists and writers who pretty much took over the Wynwood district with their murals. Inside Basel, there were a surprising number of galleries showing artwork by street artists, and the Deitch Projects booth was probably 50% street artists. The Artwhino, SCOPE, Aqua and Fountain fairs were full of low-brow, street and urban art and there were projects like BKMIA and Graffiti Gone Global that showcased street art and graffiti (or perhaps my favorite new catchall term for the street/urban/graffiti art genres: urban folk art).

But that paragraph is very misleading, but because my conclusion to the post suggests that not all hope is lost for the underground nature of street art.

Check out the rest of the post on Drago’s website.